17 faktaa, joita et tiennyt Vegasista

PartyPoker on listannut seitsemäntoista mielenkiintoista faktaa, joita et tiennyt Las Vegasin peliparatiisista.

Tiesitkö, että Vegasin 1700 kasinoa kätkevät sisäänsä yli 200,000 rahapeliä, joista 194,000 on erilaisia slotteja?

Nevada laillisti uhkapelit kasinoilla ensimmäisenä yhdysvaltalaisena osavaltiona vuonna 1931, ja nykyään Vegasissa vierailevista ihmisistä 87% kokeilee uhkapelejä. Keskimääräinen peleihin käytetty rahamäärä on $560 reissun aikana. 

Monet ovat seilanneet avioliiton rauhaisaan satamaan Vegasissa. Nopeimmillaan avioituminen käy autokaistalla, jossa vihkiminen vie aikaa ainoastaan vartin. Operaatio ei ole hinnalla pilattu, sillä naimisiin pääsee lyömällä tiskiin 40 dollaria. Yhdysvalloissa solmituista avioliitoista 5% tapahtuu Vegasissa.

17 faktaa Vegasista

1. Casinos 1700
2. Total Slot Machines 194,000
3. Total Games (tables and machines) 201,000
4. Annual Visitors 37.5 Million
5. Percentage who gamble 87
6. Average gambling amount spent per trip: $560
7. Price on acre of land on the strip $11 Million
8. Vegas hosts 17 of the 20 largest hotel in the US
9. Nevada was the first state to legalize casino gambling in 1931
10. Only in Vegas can you play basketball in your hotel room, yep stay at the Palms Hardwood Suite and you’ll find a half basketball court, locker rooms and a giant electronic scoreboard!
11. If bowling is more your type of ball game then don’t worry the Palms has got you covered with one room featuring a fully functional bowling alley in it.
12. Those fountains outside the Bellagio remember them from the end of Oceans 11? Well they actually get their water from a freshwater well that was drilled for a golf course. Turns out the lake and fountains actually use less water than the golf course did.
13. Talking about the Oceans 11, the filming crew actually needed to drain half of the lake just to create that one single shot.
14. Turns out the cast also did gamble during off hours. There’s some disagreement between who won the most (Clooney says Damon and Damon says Pitt), one things for sure Clooney did manage to lose 25 hands of blackjack in a row. Maybe Poker is more his thing?
15. Fancy getting married in Vegas? How about a drive through one? Yep it’s possible of course, sets you back roughly $40 with a discount for motorbikes and takes just 15mins. You’re all set. Now go enjoy the rest of your life together.
16. Talking of weddings Vegas is America’s number 1 wedding destination with 5% of total marriages in the US happening there.
17. It’s a close second to Istanbul when it comes to weddings in a single city. Istanbul 168,000 in a year vs 114,000 for Vegas, but however you cut it that’s a lot of cake.

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