Antonius nousisi mieluiten kehään Mark Vossin kanssa

Patrik AntoniusPatrik Antonius (kuvassa) oli eilisen Full Tiltin FTOPS Event #22 isäntä ja vastaili chatissa kysymyksiin. Patrik oli hyvällä huumorilla ja vastaili kysymyksiin kuin kysymyksiin. Tässä muutamia 2+2-foorumille poimittuja kysymyksiä ja vastauksia:

Rodsy08: If u could pick one poker pro to have a boxing match with who would u choose?
Patrik Antonius: Mark Voss

DeltaBurstR: have u ever smashed ur screen/keyboard after a 200K bad beat?
Patrik Antonius: many times

General JCS: is tom durrrr dwan the best online
Patrik Antonius: no
Patrik Antonius: phil ivey is the best

Borg7: phil hellmuth said tom dwan is the best player under 30. comment!
Patrik Antonius: phil hellmuth is a joke

MaasenDK: aint you affaid that Durrrr will play u 49 999 hands and then “be too busy” for 10 years?… (I lost
200$ on the gus fight..)…)
Patrik Antonius: LOL
Patrik Antonius: best question of the day lol
Patrik Antonius: maasen i just won 50$ from the best question
Patrik Antonius: u won

EddieHong84: What is the most you’ve won/lost in golf?
Patrik Antonius: lost 900k in two days

IItorstenII: what is your handicap at golf?!? answer please
Patrik Antonius: 12-15
Patrik Antonius: i suck big time

Figiero: how much pussy have you gotten before maya`?
Patrik Antonius: not as much as gus lol

gsman9: what is your strongst game
Patrik Antonius: omaha8

The_Power170: what do you think about fullflush?
Patrik Antonius: he is ok

RiverRat0529: do u ever worry about going broke?
Patrik Antonius: back in old days

JoePublic: Do u feel sorry for doyle that he gets owned by all the young internet players?
Patrik Antonius: I just feel sorry for hiM