Lauantaikevennys: Ziigmund vs. South high stakes -chätissä

Ziigmund vs. Cole SouthAlkuvuoden suurimmat potin, $634.776, toissapäivänä hävinnyt Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies menetti hermonsa perusteellisesti. Hän ja potin voittanut Cole South aloittivat chättiottelun, joka hakee vertaistaan high stakes -nettipokerin historiassa.

Ace Magasinet tallensi chätin, jossa vastakkain ovat "2-vuotias" Ziigmund ja "3-vuotias" Cole South. Heidän jutustelunsa ei sovi alle 15-vuotiaille:

Cole South: crazy pot
Ziigmund: Cole is the luckyest nerd in the world
Ziigmund: i hate him so f much
howisitfeellike: me too
howisitfeellike: sometimes

Ziigmund: i hate always
Ziigmund: i really hoped that someone would shooted a newyears rocket to his eyes so he couldnt play without helper and couldnt see how f lucky he is
Dealer: LarsLuzak has 15 seconds left to act
Ziigmund: its f amazing he doesnt realize that

Cole South: i do realize i have been lucky against you. it's amazing you don't realize that you act like a two year old every time we play
Cole South: and you must be hurting BAD to whine about every pot
Dealer: howisitfeellike has been disconnected
Cole South: sorry to hear that

Ziigmund: i feel bad
Ziigmund: at least i hope your other eye would be blind

Ziigmund: cole
Ziigmund: u should take meeting after this sesion with your best friends Brian and Brian and talk 10 hours how i have played this session
Cole South: good joke? i work on my game away from the tables? i am sitting on 750k and you just rebought....
Ziigmund: just take meeting man
Ziigmund: no problem
Ziigmund: this is
Ziigmund: f
Ziigmund: sickest
Ziigmund: in the worlg
Ziigmund: world
Ziigmund: he is the f luckiest nerd in the f whole world
Ziigmund: fcuk i mean it

Ziigmund: its so funny u dont understand how f lucky u r every f time
Cole South: i dont know what you are having trouble understanding, i do realize i have been lucky against you
Ziigmund: what do you think how much you have run more than u should?
Cole South: you are a smart person you must understand how embarassing it is how you act
Ziigmund: dont say im smart
Ziigmund: guess
Ziigmund: how much u r up
Ziigmund: and how much u have run over ev
Ziigmund: u f cole
Ziigmund: dont understand

Ziigmund: and u think u r so f good
Ziigmund: its f horrible
Cole South: lol u win every flip for the past hour
Cole South: and lose 1 pot and whine whine whine
Ziigmund: huh
Ziigmund: die
Ziigmund: mofo
Cole South: if ur so broke that these stakes hurt u buddy
Cole South: move down
Cole South: to a level u can beat maybe $2/$4
Ziigmund: these stakes doesnt hurt...just how f lucky u r
Ziigmund: u think i feel bad these stakes?
Cole South: i dont care as long as u play me
Cole South: i think ur a %&#%in prick tho
Ziigmund: cole you speak like 3 year old kid
Cole South: im nothing but very courteous to you and every time DIE DIE DIE U SO F BAD
Cole South: always hitnrun etc etc
Cole South: just so unprofessoinal
Cole South: and ur the one always running around asking everyone to borrow money so maybe they do hurt...
Ziigmund: ok