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    5.661 pelaajan turnaus ansaitsee oman ketjun.

    Cardplayerin seurannasta

    Date / Time: 2005-07-07 12:55:00
    Title: Jennifer Harman’s crazy hand

    “I’ve never had this happen to me before in my life,” is how Jennifer Harman’s 2005 WSOP championship starts. It begins with her picking up Q:pata: Q :hertta:
    The board comes Q:ruutu: J:ruutu: 10 :risti: 10 :ruutu: 7:ruutu: , a full house for Harman, but unfortunately for her, her opponent flips over 9:ruutu: 8:ruutu:

    (Harmannin kuningattarien maat keksitty, niillä ei tässä jaossa ole mitään merkitystä)


    2005-07-07 17:38:00
    Title: Amateur hour at the Apollo

    Log: We are guessing some players need the internet to rule their hands. A player just asked the dealer if when the board puts out 4 of a kind (for example 10-10-10-10-3), if a person’s hole Ace plays. The dealer regretably informed the player he can’t answer any such question. 🙄

    Date / Time: 2005-07-07 17:56:00
    Title: We’re Playing for $10 Million Right?

    Log: In one area of the Amazon room, play has slowed dramatically. While the tables are breaking left and right, one player, at table 77 in seat 3, has begun watching The Color of Money with Paul Newman on a portable DVD player. With no obvious objections from the other players, movie time continues. 🙂


    Turnaus oli aika lyhyt mun osalta. 3. taso, 40 minuutin kohdalla kädessä 99. Maksan 200 alkupositiosta, perästä isompi stack korottaa 800:aan. Maksan.

    Floppi tulee K :pata: T :hertta: 9 :pata: . Lyön alle 800 kolmosillani. Kaveri korottaa 1800:aan, minä korotan 4000:een ja hän lyö minut all-in. Maksoin, ja vastassa TT, eli 1 outtista vedin.

    – mongeron


    Gutshot.com :in pöytäkirjasta bongattua.

    Hellraiser 60.000 chips

    Sointula ?


    Date / Time:2005-07-07 14:52:00
    Title:”Jesus” Works a Miracle

    Log:The following hand caused a stir on the tournament floor:

    The button raised to $275, the small blind called, and Chris “Jesus” Ferguson reraised $1,000 more to go. The button came over the top for $3,500 more, forcing the small blind to fold, but when the action got back to Ferguson, he pushed all in for his last $4475. The button called. Ferguson showed A-A, and the button flipped up K-9. That’s right, K-9. The flop was devastating for Ferguson when it came K-9-4 making the button two pair. There were two diamonds on board giving Ferguson, who held the ace of diamonds, a backdoor flush draw to go with two remaining aces, and 3 remaining fours that would give him the lead in the hand. The turn brought a non-diamond queen. Ferguson needed a 4, a Queen, or an ace on the river for the win. The river brought a 4. Ferguson hit his bigger two pair, and left his opponent on the short stack. The crowd “oohd and ahhhd” reveling in all the action.

    Date / Time:2005-07-07 16:14:00

    Title:The first bomb has been dropped

    Log:We have our first player being penalized for using the “F” word in the event so far. He will be forced to sit out for 10 minutes and goes only by the first name Hamid. I’m sure with stakes this high this won’t be the last penalty we will see.

    Date / Time:2005-07-07 21:09:00

    Title:Johnny Chan – Gone-y Chan

    Log:Johnny Chan was eliminated when his A-J went up against David Solomon’s pocket 8’s. An ace flopped, but Soloman held the 8 of clubs. When four clubs hit the board, Solomon’s flush, was good enough to send 10 time bracelet winner, Johnny Chan, home on Day 1 of three day 1’s.


    Pukeutumisen suhteen ollaan melko vapaamielisiä 😀

    Tuosta kaverista on hankala ottaa “readiä” 🙂


    Tässä selitys tolle kuvalle

    Date / Time: 2005-07-07 11:57:00
    Title: A Familiar Poker Face
    Log: The player in seat 4 at table 128 has found a way to “mask” his emotions at the poker table . When he is in a hand he puts on a giant authentic Elmo costume head. That’s right, Elmo. From Sesame Street. The T.V. show.


    Jani ‘Hellraiser’ Sointulan äksöniä voi seurata myös Expektin kautta, kun jäbä sai ticketin Midnight Summer turnauksessa heiltä.


    “After over 15 hours of poker the first part of day one came to an end just a few moments ago. We are very proud to announce that Expekt player Jani Sointula is way above average with a total of $71.600 in chips. Starting with $10.000 and the over-all leader at $160.000 this first day has been a classy performance by Jani.”


    Ekan päivän tuloksia
    Lee Watkinson Cheney, WA $145,800
    Ed Cardona Mesa, AZ $129,475
    Anthony Laughing, JR Hogansburg, NY $100,175
    Jani Sointula Helsinki $71,600
    Jukka Juvonen Hameenlinna $31,200
    Mika Puro Vantaa, Finland $26,575
    Janne L Lamsa Helsinki $23,325
    Risto Ponnio Helsinki $10,375


    Kysymys; mikä oli muuten aloitus stäkki?


    Jos ruotsinsuomalaisia lasketaan, listalta löytyy myös Marko “Markoolio” Lehtosalo, joka myös bloggaa WSOP:sta:

    Marco Lehtosalo Stockholm, Sweden $26,025

    Aloitusstäkki on käsittääkseni sama kuin buy-in, eli $10 000.


    “Juha Helppi busts
    The one seat raised with [A][Q], Helppi pushed in with [8][8], and the one seat called. The board came [K][K][T][T][X], counterfitting Helppi’s pair.”


    @Peoplez wrote:

    “Juha Helppi busts
    The one seat raised with [A][Q], Helppi pushed in with [8][8], and the one seat called. The board came [K][K][T][T][X], counterfitting Helppi’s pair.”

    Mistä saiteilta te luette näitä?

    Dead money

    Ite luen ainaki http://www.cardplayer.com :ista


    @NeverCall wrote:

    @Peoplez wrote:

    “Juha Helppi busts
    The one seat raised with [A][Q], Helppi pushed in with [8][8], and the one seat called. The board came [K][K][T][T][X], counterfitting Helppi’s pair.”

    Mistä saiteilta te luette näitä?

    Mä seuraan http://www.cardplayer.com ja http://www.pokerwire.com

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