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    Kunnon vääntöä ja paskanjauhantaa Fullcontactpokerissa.
    Pelinä 500/1000$ limitti holdem.

    Neljän session jälkeen tilanne:
    Total Hands played: 1690
    Result: KidPoker + $28,959.50

    Parin ekan session jälkeen Dreamclown johti n:35K mutta sitten kolmannessa takkiin tuli 67K…

    Tässä Negreanun vastustajan postaus ketjusta:
    ahhahahaahahha he finally SMARTENED UP? Where does he go? Where will he find an easier game online?????

    YOUR HERO IS TRANSPARENT, BOTH IN CHARDS AND INTENTIONS. NEVER has one’s tail been so CLEARLY STUCK BETWEEN ONE’S LEGS his . What’s going to happen now is that he will find every excuse in the book not to play. “I got interviews, I have holidays I have my wife’s cooking class to attend to, you switch off!!!!!! WAHHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHFHHHFHFHAHAH.

    DANIEL IS SMATR ENOUGH TO THINK AHEAD AT THE FUTURE AND REALIZE WHAT’s going to HAPPEN when one of these sessions the cards will even out!!!!!! HOW WILL HE EXPLAIN IT TO DEM BIRDS???

    NO OFFENSE but this may be the end of negreanu’s “climbing up the wro ng tree campaign” NO OFFENCE.


    Ja vastaus:

    As for playing you, I am going to bust you. I’ve busted clowns like you all my life.

    Jake The Snake

    Danielin Blogista:

    “I played the young fellow who calls himself “Dreamclown” for 4.5 hours, and about 1000 hands. I was winning for the majority of the session, at my peak up about $100,000 and finally quitting $67,000 to the good.

    That is a good sized win, 67 bets, but frankly, I felt as though I was rather unlucky and should have won much more.

    I am no “online expert” by any means, but I heard so much talk about how tough these kids were today, and how much I’d have to “adjust” to the game.

    I’ve quickly come to realize that these kids that are winning millions aren’t playing against Todd Brunson, Jennifer Harman, or other great limit hold’em players that have been around for years. They have developed a new world version of the game that frankly, is easily exploited by the world’s top players.

    Many of them, are a legion of “Andy Beals” that play by the following rules:

    – Never fold pre-flop
    -raise every hand on the button
    -never re-raise before the flop

    This is EXACTLY how the Clown played against me the entire session. Apparently he’s done his “math” and has come to the conclusion that calling raises with 7-2 off suit is “mathematically correct.”

    Well, the Clown is obviously wrong in his approach to the game. Of course, you could never convince him of that, he’s 23 for goodness sakes!

    When I was 23, I was 172% certain that nobody could possibly play better than I did or know more about poker than me. I was young, fearless, naive, and falsely invincible.

    It’s a pretty common trait amongst young players honestly, especially those born in the U.S. I’ve come across several 20 “somthings” from Finland, Sweden, and Denmark, that would rip through the boastful American youth, and do it with an aura of maturity, discipline, and skill that I’ve never come across before. Those kids totally amaze me.

    I would never bother playing the likes of Erik123, or “Erik Sagstrom.” There is a lot of talk about who the best online players are today, and the truth is, most of us have no clue who they are and that’s the way they’d like to keep it, while they build multi-million dollar bankrolls online.

    I’ve had a great deal of fun playing poker online this week at http://www.fullcontactpoker.com. I’ve played against various opponents at various limits, and I genuinely feel like I learned something from each and every one of them.

    The most eye opening session I played was against a guy named, “X-W-A.” I won’t divulge the reasons why the session was so meaningful for me, but I am more than willing to admit that he absolutely kicked my butt! Sure, he ran lucky to do so, but frankly, during that session, he also outplayed me.

    I’ll be totally honest with you all, I’m learning on the job here, having never played high limit hold’em online before. I’m a “fish out of water” to some degree, but I just might be the most competitive person in the world! Probably, not, but I’m right up there J

    This whole, “heads up” online world is new to me, but I like it. It’s definitely got my competitive juices flowing, not because of the money, but the simple challenge of taking on the best online players in the world.

    So far, I really haven’t faced the best online. Dreamclown is a talented young player, but he is hard headed and is simply destined to go broke. His fundamentals are so flawed that he could never overcome it with his excellent pre-flop play.

    Why am I comfortable sharing that? Well, he’s 23 years old and wouldn’t listen to me anyway. He firmly believes that he will crush me, and while I smirk at his ignorance, I truly admire his fight, his courage, and his determination.

    If you’d like to watch the match you’ll have to download the software at http://www.fullcontactpoker.com which is a pretty simple process. I have plans to go out tomorrow night, but a match might happen in the afternoon sometime.”


    Tosta olis kiva saada video. Sain juuri käsiini “jostain” jonkun tallettamia nettipokerisessioita, joissa prot pelaa netissä. En ole kyllä ehtinyt mulkoilla vielä, mutta veikkaan, että ihan mielenkiintoista… 🙂

    Kivasti DN antaa tunnustusta tänne Pohjois-Eurooppaankin ! 8)


    From Negreanu:
    Total Hands Played: 2376 Result: +73,233.50

    Which works out to $30.82 a hand. If he folded before the flop sometimes, and actually learned that 3-betting is a useful tactic, he might have a chance.

    Not going to happen, though, the kid is super stubborn.

    In my last match I decided not to engage in the chat with him. It is pretty silly overall so I thought I’d just let him steam off his chips.

    I also added a few plays to my reportoire against him in order to keep him off balance. That’s been working quite well. Until today, I never “lead out” at a flop against him, but thought I’d see what happened when I added that wrinkle.

    The more wrinkles I add, the more difficult it will be for him to adapt since his strategy is set in stone. He won’t switch it up, because he feels as though his approach is optimal.

    After I slowly grind him out for a few hundred thousand I plan on trying some of the legitimate top online players in the world. I understand Neverwin is an excellent player and I’m looking forward to trying him.

    Patrick Antonious or Erik Sagstrom I wouldn’t bother playing yet, as I don’t think I’m ready for them. Once I build some confidence online, I’m also going to try some NL against the likes of Spirit Rock, et all.

    I really am having fun with all of this and think it’s improving my overall game. I try as hard as I can when playing, i.e., no TV, no telephone, no distractions.

    I think I can learn a lot from these young guys. I learned a TON from X W A, some from Reztez, haven’t played much with Tinfoil, but all of these guys are solid players.

    In a few more months I’m going to be even better at this whole online thing. In January, I’ll be on the road a lot, so my computer will be my best friend.

    Good night all, the wife is coming home from Grand Rapids.


    Kiva kommentti Danielilta Negreanulta Suomi-pojasta:

    ” Patrick Antonious or Erik Sagstrom I wouldn’t bother playing yet, as I don’t think I’m ready for them. Once I build some confidence online, I’m also going to try some NL against the likes of Spirit Rock, et all.”


    Linkki postaukseen:


    Heh, hyvää matsia kyllä kaverusten välillä. Viime yönä tuli pari tuntia seurailtua kun DC otti vähän tappioita takas, olisko ollut 50-60K.

    Danielin privaattipöydän otsikko:

    Visa, Mastercard and Clown Cash accepted!



    En tiedä onko nyt parin tunnin sisällä tullut uusi peli mutta ainakin noin parikytä tuntia sitten käydyssä pelissä Daniel oli ensin kahteen otteeseen häviöllä 50 donaa mutta lopulta jäi voitolle 2 tonnia, lähti ja vittuili hetken aikaa klownille chatissa.


    Ai, ok. No sitten taisi jäädä loppuhuipennus näkemättä aamulla.

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