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    Jake The Snake

    Martin de Knijff in artikkelista. Aika rankka taktiikka Juhalla, jopa hieman kyseenalainen. Tai saattoihan toi olla oikeesti mokakin :)…NOT

    “In the L.A. Poker Classic main event, this scenario took place: Juha Helppi was on the button and playing a pot against Erick Lindgren. After betting the flop and the turn, Juha got check-raised with a board of 9-8-6-5 and two diamonds. He opted to call with a mere pair of eights. Almost before the 7diamonds hit the board, producing a straight and a possible flush, Juha announced he was all in. Oops! He forgot that he was on the button and had acted out of turn. A ruling was asked for. Juha’s bet did not stand, according to California rules. He took his bet back, and Erick, who had two pair on fourth street, decided to check, and so did Juha! They split the pot with the straight on the board.

    You could clearly see how Erick was robbed of his play. If he went all in on the river, Juha’s decision would have been a much harder one, calling with a split pot as the best possibility. The normally so calm, collected, and smiling Erick Lindgren was furious. Juha very easily could have apologized. I am not saying he acted out of turn intentionally, but could you blame Erick for having that thought cross his mind?”

    ps. Kannattaa lueskella noita Daniel Negreanun artikkeleita card playeristä, on pikkasen meilla kaikilla matkaa vielä D:n ajatusmaailmaan pokerissa.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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