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    Daniel oli hassuilutuulella.

    Still bored, I decided to pick on the security guards that were protecting our game. I noticed that they were being very aggressive when people would stand by the rail hoping to watch the action at our table. This one lady was like a pit bull. If someone was standing there for 1/3 of a second she was on him, “I’m sorry sir, but you can’t stand there. Keep it moving.” Spectator after spectator was shooed away by Miss. Pit bull.

    So, in between the action I stood up from my chair, walked around the table and stood right where she’d been moving people away from our game. I watched the action intently, and sure enough here came the watchdog, “I’m sorry sir you can’t stand there.”

    Now I was wearing a red Oakley hat and a lime green sweatshirt. You’d think she’d recognize me! “Is it ok if I sit there?” I asked as I pointed to the empty seat in the game where I had about $200,000 in chips.

    “No. No sir you can’t sit there. Move it along.” The guys in the game were cracking up. Finally they barked back at Miss. Pit bull, “Hey we need that guy. The game will break without him!”

    Finally she realized that I was messing with her and she got a good laugh out of it. I sat back down and finished out the rest of the session half heartedly.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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