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    Hello everybody,

    We’d like to inform you that the Spanish Poker Clubs Association (SPCA) has been created. The association is based in Valencia, Spain, a beautiful city, host of the 32nd America’s Cup in 2007, located on the Spanish coast approximately 350km south of Barcelona and about the same distance east of Madrid.

    The aim of the Spanish Poker Clubs Association is to improve and develop the already existing poker clubs in Spain, to spread knowledge about poker, to try to give a serious image of the game, to create more local branches, and to struggle with authorities in order to legalize poker in all regions of Spain. The SPCA is also trying to create a poker club network for small and middle sized poker clubs and to allow them to cooperate with each other in different ways, not only within Spain but also with the rest of Europe.

    The SPCA has two main goals in mind for the near future:

    A) The Spanish Poker Club Association will organize the first
    “SPANISH OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP” between Sept. 19th-22nd 2005.
    The event will probably take place in Valencia, approximately a 2 ½ hours drive from Barcelona, where the 4th Barcelona Open will take place between September 12th-18th 2005. The SPCA wishes to provide the 300 or so, players going to Barcelona during that period with the possibility of continuing their “poker tour” in Spain.

    B) To organize a meeting in Spain for small and middle sized poker clubs with club representatives / owners from Spain and the rest of Europe. The idea is to reach a level of mutual cooperation between these smaller poker clubs or poker communities in Europe.
    At the meeting we’ll discuss the possibility to create some kind of “POKER EXCHANGE”. The SPCA will try to organize a series of tournaments called “Saturday Night Poker”. The idea is to make every poker club, that participates in the “POKER EXCHANGE” program, contribute with ideas and players for these “Saturday Night Poker“ events. The events would take place on a regular basis, each time in a different club participating in the “POKER EXCHANGE”.

    For more information, please contact:

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