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    IP-osoitteet; kyllä mä toki asian arvasin mutta pistetään nyt tiedoksi:

    yep. I went to my friends apartment and I made a refer-a-friend selection from his computer. Maybe you can see from my play history that I always use different IP-adress (now) when I play at Your site. If Your policy is so strict, its ok. He just goes to play somewhere else from now on…



    Ps. I´ll post this message to a finnish poker info site:

    Original Message

    From: AbsolutePoker
    Date: Monday, September 26, 2005 0:28 am
    Subject: AbsolutePoker

    > Hello ******,
    > I see that you have the same IP Address as your friend, who is also
    > partof Absolute Poker’s Refer A Friend Program. Absolute Poker has
    > a policy
    > that does not provide a Refer A Friend bonus for referrals from the
    > sameIP Address. However, you can still refer additional friends
    > throughAbsolute Poker’s Refer A Friend Program by visiting
    > <>
    > .
    > If you wish to appeal this decision please follow the instructions
    > fromour website:
    > Thank you for your continued patronage and we look forward to
    > seeing you
    > at the tables, Whenever, Wherever!
    > Mike
    > Promotions Director
    > <>

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