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    Kokeilin tänään, miten pieni hiillostus toimii vastustajan psyykeeseen. Ja hyvinhän se näytti toimivan 🙂 Tässä makua:

    Crazy_AA: why waste your stack on such garbage
    Patzer: I felt for it!
    Crazy_AA: the odds didnt
    Patzer: Poker is a game of odds and intuition!
    Crazy_AA: actually its just odds
    Patzer: You really are a wise guy!!!
    od0931: vp
    Crazy_AA: ?
    Crazy_AA: did you felt for it
    Patzer: Shut up and play *****!!
    Patzer: No one is asking you!!
    Crazy_AA: glad to mix your game
    od0931: what happend
    Crazy_AA: cya
    Patzer: You really are an ******* crazy!!
    Crazy_AA: I didnt told you to play shitty hands
    od0931: nh
    Crazy_AA: very nice
    joebud: stupid call and u know it
    Crazy_AA: why
    joebud: too risky
    Crazy_AA: I knew you had ace rag
    joebud: well, I didnt
    Crazy_AA: what is AJ then?

    Kyseessä oli parinkympin sit’n’go…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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