WPT Shooting Stars

Taas on saatu kasaan yksi WPT tourin finaalipöytä. Finaaliin selvisivät 1. Jay Martens $1,165,000 2. Gus Hansen $1,007,000 3. Danny Nguyen $881,000 4. Corey Cheresnick $769,000 5. Men “The Master” Nguyen $310,000 6. Shandor Szentkuti $250,000. Merkillepantavaa on se, että kaksi finaalipöydän pelaajista selvisi finaaliin

Our final table of nine is set to begin dueling it out for $1 million. At the final table we have two players that qualified at super satellites on Paradise Poker. Our chip leader Jay Martens from Vancouver, British Columbia spent $8 to get here. Believe it our not, this is the first time he has ever played poker in a casino. Cory Cheresnick, from the Bay area, spent $25 buck at Paradise Poker to get here. Not a bad return on initial investment considering both players will take home at least $100,000.