• Vastaa aiheeseen: MPN Poker Tour Grand Final Madrid 5.-9.2.2020

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    Kisa lähestyy kovaa vauhtia. Toimitus lentää Madridiin Finnairin suoralla päivälennolla keskiviikkona.

    Alle on koottu MPN Tourin FAQ koskien tätä kaikkien aikojen viimeistä MPN Tourin osakisaa.

    Welcome to the MPNPT Madrid 2020

    Q. I want to play a live satellite to the main event, what happens if I win a seat and already hold a seat I won online?
    A. You must use the seat won in any live satellite, there is no cash alternative. You may be able to sell the seat locally.

    Q. How do I get my ticket to the main event?
    A. You will need to register at the reception desk each day upon your first entry to the casino. You will need official government ID.
    You can then collect your entry ticket with your seat and table number from the cashier desk. Please give your name to the cashier stating you are on the “MPN Poker Tour list”. They will have a list of all online ticket holders. ID is required at the cash desk too. If you have a re-entry, the same process applies, just state that you are using your re-entry.
    After collecting your ticket from the registration desk, you can go directly to your table where you will be given your starting chips.

    Q. How many levels on day 1 are we playing in the main event?
    A. We will play up until the end of level 11 on each day 1 flight.

    Q. When does late registration end each day 1 flight to the main event?
    A. Late registration for day 1A/ B and C will close at level 10

    Q. What are the blind levels and re-entry period in the main event?
    A. Day 1 – 45-minute levels.
    Day 2 – 60-minute levels.
    Final day – 60-minute levels.
    Final table – when 6-handed levels go down to 45 minutes, when 3-handed levels go down to 30 minutes.
    Registration and re-entries permitted until the end of level one, day 2.

    Q. I want to play day 1B, when can I get my seat and table number?
    A. We will open registration for day 1B after late registration ends (end of level 10) on day 1A. Please note that if you get your seat and table number for day 1B on Thursday (after level 10), you MUST sit in and play by the end of level one on day 1B. This is to avoid players arriving late and having tables playing short-handed.

    Q. How many levels played on day 2?
    A. There will be 10 x 60 minute levels played on day 2. This may end earlier at the tournament director’s discretion.

    Q. Shot clocks will be in use, how do these work?
    A. Players will have 30 seconds to act each turn, when the action is on them the timer starts to count down.
    Time Bank Cards (extra 30 seconds to act for each card)
    Players have 4 x 30 second time banks. The number of time banks available to players is reset each day to 4. Players will get 6 time banks at the start of the final table.
    If facing no action (player has the option to check/bet or fold), the player is auto-checked by the dealer if no action is taken after 30 seconds.
    If the player holding time bank cards is facing a bet and does not act in time (bet or fold) the time bank will be activated by the dealer and one card per 30 seconds will be taken by the dealer until action is complete.

    Q. What ante structure is used?
    A. Big blind antes in all tournaments. The big blind will post the big blind ante unless a table has 6 players or less, in which case the player in the big blind will post the ante equivalent to the small blind. No antes when heads up at the final table.
    If a player in the tournament does not have the required amount for both the Big Blind and the Ante, the Big Blind will be paid first, followed by the ante.
    No matter how many chips a participant starts with he/she can always win the entire ante. For example: the blinds are 4k/8k and the big blind antes 8k. A participant who is not in the blinds who starts the hand with only 1k gets involved in a three-way pot against the blinds. If that participant wins, he/she wins 11k (his/her own 1k wager, plus 1k from each opponent, plus the 8k ante). In this scenario, 1 chip can win 11 chips.

    Q: What is the late registration period for side events? A: End of level 10.

    Q: How do the additional 5,000 chips work on the side events? A: When you take your seat and are given your starting stack, the dealer will offer you the chance to pay €5 to boost your stack by 5,000 chips. This offer is part of a special leader board (mainly for local players) operated by the casino in all their live tournaments (we added this option to encourage local players to participate in side events). Your points will be counted on the leader board and you will also get free soft drinks while playing as part of this offer. Please note the €5 is not added to the prize pool.

    Q: I won a €55 side event entry as part of my package, how do I claim this? A: You can use the €55 to buy in to any tournament held over the MPNPT Madrid or as part-payment to buy into a tournament. Go to the cashier desk and give your name, say you are on the MPN Poker Tour list of side event qualifiers. They will then deduct €55 from the cost of tournament you choose to join.

    Q: What happens if I am still in the main event when the side event I buy into starts? A: You can swap the entry with another player; both players will need to go to the cashier desk with ID to arrange the swap. If you do not get another player to play, please go to the cash desk to un-register before the side event starts.

    Q: What is the format of the Super Knockout on Sunday?
    A: Sunday February 9th will see the MPNPT Super Knockout MPN staff bounty event kick off @ 18.30. In addition to the regular Super Knockout format (50% of the buy in to the prizepool and 50% as bounty on your head). A number of MPN staff will be amongst the field with additional bounty prizes on their heads.

    Q. What time is the feature table live stream?
    A. Friday 7th February from 16:50
    Saturday 8th February from 16:50
    Sunday 9th February from 15:50

    Q. Where can I see the live stream time is the live stream?
    A. The stream will be live on our MPN Poker Tour Facebook page and our Twitch channel.

    Q. When are the player welcome drinks?
    A. Thursday February 6th
    Join us from 21:30 at one of Madrid’s hottest clubs, Bling Bling. All online qualifiers, plus their guest, is welcome to come enjoy canapés, drinks and dance the night away.
    To get there turn left when leaving the casino, then left again at the crossroads. You will see a bar called Habanera. Turn left there to find Bling Bling just beside the entrance to Habanera.
    Friday February 7th
    Free drinks Friday! Join us from 20:00 at the casino bar where the drinks are on us!

    Q. I want to tweet and post on Facebook and Instagram prolifically about the event to promote it as best I can. What is the official event hashtag?
    A. #MPNPT