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There’s a regular game of eight guys playing 3-6 NL. One day a regular brings a friend to come and play. He brings with him a stack of poker books, at the top is Super System. The regulars chuckle and start playing their normal game. Along comes a big pot, heads up between the newcomer and a regular. The game goes to the river and the regular bets (board is 10-8-J-K-Q no flush draw). The newbie sits and ponders for a little, then goes all – in. The guy starts contemplating the call, and then the newbie reaches for his drink, knocks over the top book, and reveals “How to bluff and win at poker”. He says “oops” in an honest manner, and restacks the books. The regular ponders for a few seconds more and calls. The newbie shows the nuts, walks off a hundred bucks richer. He leaves the book on the table, a regular calls out to him “hey man, don’t you want your books?” He replies, “No, it looks like you guys need them more than I do”. When he’s gone, the regulars open the book and it’s empty except for 1 word on the first page, “Don’t.”

Told by Doyle Brunson in his book “Poker Wisdom of a Champion”