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Tätä ohjelman kehittäjää oli haastateltu ja hän ei esimerkiksi suostunut vastaamaan kysymykseen kuinka paljon hän on tienannut ohjelmalla. Lisäksi toimittajaa jäi askarruttamaan muutama asia.

Probably the biggest factor that makes me question his credibility are the numerous instances in which “David Glazen” has made the claim that he is going to remove the site from public view forever. When I originally came across the site, it was to be removed as of March 5th. It was then pushed back to the 11th, then the 16th, etc. The current schedule advises its disappearance will be March 24th. I suppose we will see. He claims that the program must be sold to only a few people to “remain effective.

Että tälleen.