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Kokeilin tuota jo ennen kuin lähetin viestin kehittäjälle. Tässä viestit pääpiirteittäin.

> Hello.
> I downloaded evaluation version of handgrabber. The program does really create
> those handhistory files. Now there is one problem.Pokertracker doesn’t want
> to import the files the grabber makes. The error file says that the problem is
> date :”Unable to get the game date”
> Here are the first few rows of the hand history file
> #Game No : 1984545667
> ***** Pacific Hand History for Game 1984545667 *****
> $1/$2 Blinds No Limit Hold’em – *** huhti 08 13:40:58 2005
> Table Bison Tonic (Real Money)
> Seat 8 is the button
> I am living in Finland so that might have something to do with that. The
> problem still persists even after PokerTracker changes the country
> settings.
> Is there any way to fix this problem?

This is interesting. Unfortunately, I think we may have to make a
change to both my program and poker tracker for this one.
PokerTracker expects a 3-letter month; you of course have huhti
instead. We recently changed the day of the week code for the same
reason. I will have to do some research and discuss this one with Pat
and get back to you.

Thanks for the notice,
Scott Webber